How to style colored pants with summer pieces

How to style colored pants with summer pieces

You will wonder how to style colored pants with summer pieces if you care about summer fashion trends in 2022.  

As we know, pants are one of the essential garments in everyone's closet. Somehow, the trendy colors of trousers make a change this summer.

Although the colored pants are cheerful, wearing colored trousers makes you wonder how to combine an outfit of colored pants with different summer pieces to create various charming looks.

However, whether you've bought green pants, pink trousers, blue pants, or beige and baby blue pants, you can proudly style them with different prints, blouses, blazers, and accessories.


colored cardigan on purple trouser, and mint green shirt


 How to wear colored pants?


Colored pants may be a challenge to match with summer garments for ladies, especially if we tend to wear upper clothes that aren't in white or black color.

However, the trends of colored pants in summer 2022 help you break free from the monotony of traditional outfits and begin wearing brighter and lighter colors.

Simultaneously, you'll start creating exclusive outfits of different textures, types, and cuts among the trendy summer colors of pink, red, blue, and grey.

Four ideas to wear and style colored pants:


How to style light blue pants with t-shirts

 girl wears green blouse with baby blue pants


You've got versatile options for light blue pants, whether linen pants, jeans or light blue skinny pants.

However, if you are looking for a stylish monochromatic pattern, then you can choose the light blue shirt for a harmonizing and elegant look.

Moreover, for a stylish semi-formal look, you can wear white high-heeled sandals and combine the whole outfit with a white shoulder bag to match.

Finally, we're sure you won't forget your favorite silver accessories or belts to combine with these colorful outfits.

However, if you want different outfits, you can use your basic white shirt, and any light color would add an elegant appearance to light blue pants.

Green pants with blouses 


girl wears trendy colored green pants with baby blue chemise


It's incredible how green pants are abundant among the wide summer fabrics, so if you're going to buy colored pants, don't hesitate to choose green-colored pants.

If you want a look that stands out during your day, so you won't find anything better than an orange blouse. You can combine your wide-leg green pants pleated at the waist with an orange blouse with long wide sleeves or a sleeveless blouse.

On the other hand, combine your outfit with a light blue purse or orange handbag. 

Combine all of that with any shoe, whether mules with or without heels, or pointed-toe shoes, but choose a color that fits your colored pants.

How to wear striped black and white pants

 girl wears stripped black and white pants with white blouse


If you like casual prints and patterns, you can combine the striped black and white pants with military green t-shirts or tops. 

However, you can add a denim jacket for a stylish look. It is preferable to choose a darker color tone for the denim jacket to fit with your outfit.

Furthermore, it's your time to play with footwear prints, as you like.

For example, you can opt for a pair of ballerinas. On the other hand, don't forget to combine this classic outfit with your gold bracelets and pendants.

How to style beige pants with summer pieces


girl wears beige pants with black top


If you like collecting basic colors for clothes, then beige-colored pants are essential for your summer wardrobe. You can combine formal and elegant outfits by wearing beige pants with a purple or dark red chemise. 

Furthermore, add your personal touch to a stylish look by selecting a pair of designed shoes that can show off your feet, such as stilettos.

For some reason, adding accessories changes the outfit completely. For a more stylish look, you can use a bold belt, which may be in beige with snake print, and a purse in brown with tiger print.

Then accessorize with earrings and your gold or silver pendants and bracelets. You won't find a more charming outfit than that for your work, meetings, or even casual day.

  girl wears pink pants with yellow top and green bag

Finally, you may notice that styling colored pants isn't as complicated as you think. 

Wardrobes are filled with cool outfits to style in different ways, be it versatile collar shirts, chino shorts, block sweat,

lightweight cotton shirts, pencil skirts, sneakers, oversized shirts, or long sleeve chemises.

Whereas you think the summer pieces are fit for a single outfit, in reality, summer clothes can fit different styles.

Even summer dresses can be worn in different styles and an elegant look, much better than stylish winter coats.

So, visit trend55 for the best summer outfits and trendy colored pants, one of the best clothing online stores.

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Trendy colors for summer fashion in 2022.

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